Do Kia Sorentos Have 3rd Row Seating

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Do Kia Sorentos Have 3rd Row Seating?

The Kia Sorento is a popular mid-size SUV that offers a spacious and versatile interior. One of the key features that many potential buyers look for in an SUV is whether or not it has third-row seating. In this article, we will explore whether or not Kia Sorentos have third-row seating and the benefits of having this additional seating capacity.

1. The Availability of Third Row Seating

Kia Sorentos are available with third-row seating in certain trims and configurations. However, it is important to note that not all Sorento models come with this feature. It is primarily offered in the higher trim levels of the Sorento lineup.

The third-row seating option adds an extra row of seats at the back of the vehicle, allowing for additional passenger capacity. This can be particularly useful for larger families or for those who frequently need to transport more than five people.

1.1. Sorento Trim Levels with 3rd Row Seating

Here are some of the Sorento trim levels that are typically available with third-row seating:

  1. Sorento LX V6
  2. Sorento S V6
  3. Sorento EX
  4. Sorento SX
  5. Sorento SX Prestige

These trim levels offer a range of features and options in addition to the third-row seating, making them attractive choices for buyers looking for a well-equipped SUV.

2. The Benefits of Third Row Seating

Having third-row seating in a vehicle like the Kia Sorento can provide a number of benefits:

2.1. Increased Passenger Capacity

The most obvious benefit of third-row seating is the increased passenger capacity. With a third row of seats, the Sorento can comfortably accommodate up to seven passengers. This is especially useful for families with multiple children or for those who frequently carpool or travel with a larger group of people.

2.2. Versatility and Flexibility

Third-row seating also adds a level of versatility and flexibility to the Sorento’s interior. When not in use, the third-row seats can be folded down to provide additional cargo space. This allows for greater adaptability when hauling larger items or when additional storage space is needed.

In some Sorento models, the second row of seats can also be adjusted or folded down, further enhancing the vehicle’s cargo-carrying capabilities. This makes the Sorento a practical choice for those who often find themselves needing to transport a combination of passengers and cargo.

2.3. Enhanced Comfort and Amenities

In many Sorento models with third-row seating, the third-row passengers are not left out when it comes to comfort and amenities. They often have access to their own climate control settings, ensuring that they can maintain a comfortable temperature even on long journeys.

Additionally, some Sorento trims offer features such as USB charging ports, cup holders, and even entertainment systems for the rear passengers. These features can help make the journey more enjoyable for everyone on board.

3. Other Factors to Consider

While having third-row seating can be a desirable feature, there are a few factors to consider before opting for this configuration:

3.1. Interior Space

When the third-row seats are in use, the available cargo space in the Sorento is significantly reduced. This can be a limitation if you frequently need to carry large amounts of luggage or other items. It’s important to assess your specific needs and prioritize whether passenger capacity or cargo space is more important to you.

3.2. Accessibility

Getting in and out of the third-row seats can be more challenging compared to the front or second-row seats. This may require passengers to climb over the second-row seats and squeeze into the third row. This can be particularly difficult for older individuals or those with mobility issues.

However, some Sorento models offer features such as sliding second-row seats, making it easier for passengers to access the third row. It’s important to test out the accessibility of the third-row seats before making a final decision.

3.3. Price

Lastly, it’s important to consider the price difference between Sorento models with third-row seating and those without. The addition of a third row of seats can increase the price of the vehicle, so it’s essential to ensure that the benefits of having the additional seating capacity justify the extra cost.


In conclusion, Kia Sorentos do have the option of third-row seating in certain trim levels. This feature adds extra passenger capacity and enhances the versatility and flexibility of the vehicle’s interior. However, it’s important to consider factors such as interior space, accessibility, and price before opting for this configuration. Overall, the availability of third-row seating in the Kia Sorento can be a valuable feature for those in need of a spacious and practical SUV.



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