Ford Explorer Third Row Seat Problems

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Ford Explorer Third Row Seat Problems


As one of Ford’s popular SUV models, the Ford Explorer has gained a reputation for its spacious interior and versatile seating options. However, many owners have reported experiencing problems specifically with the third-row seats. In this article, we will discuss the most common third-row seat problems that Ford Explorer owners have encountered and provide potential solutions for each issue.

1. Difficulty Folding and Unfolding the Third-Row Seats

One of the most frequently reported problems with the Ford Explorer’s third-row seats is difficulty folding and unfolding them. This can be extremely frustrating for both passengers and drivers, especially when trying to accommodate additional cargo or passengers on the go. The main causes of this issue include:

  1. Stuck seat latches
  2. Worn-out seat hinges


  1. Apply lubrication to the seat latches to free up any rust or debris that may be obstructing their movement.
  2. If the hinges are worn-out, consider replacing them to ensure smooth folding and unfolding of the seats.

2. Uncomfortable Seating Position

Some owners have reported discomfort when sitting in the third-row seats of the Ford Explorer. This is mainly due to the limited legroom and lack of proper back support. Here are some potential solutions to improve the third-row seating position:

  1. Adjust the second-row seats to create more legroom in the third row.
  2. Consider installing aftermarket seat cushions or backrests for added comfort and support.

3. Rattling Noises from the Third-Row Seats

Another common problem reported by Ford Explorer owners is rattling noises coming from the third-row seats while driving. These noises can be distracting and reduce the overall driving experience. The main causes of rattling noises include:

  1. Loose seat brackets or bolts
  2. Worn-out seat cushions


  1. Tighten any loose seat brackets or bolts to eliminate rattling noises.
  2. If the seat cushions are worn-out, consider replacing them to reduce or eliminate the rattling noises.

4. Difficult Access to the Third-Row Seats

Some Ford Explorer owners have expressed difficulty accessing the third-row seats, especially in models with longer wheelbases. This problem can be particularly inconvenient when passengers need to get in or out of the third row quickly. The main causes of difficult access include:

  1. Insufficient space between the second-row seats and the door
  2. Inadequate seat folding mechanism


  1. Adjust the second-row seats to provide more space for passengers to enter or exit the third row.
  2. If the seat folding mechanism is inadequate, consider upgrading it to allow for easier access to the third-row seats.

5. Malfunctioning Power Folding Third-Row Seats

For Ford Explorer models equipped with power folding third-row seats, some owners have reported issues with the functionality of these seats. The power folding mechanism may fail to operate correctly, resulting in the inability to fold or unfold the seats automatically. The main causes of this problem can include:

  1. Electrical wiring issues
  2. Faulty motor or actuator


  1. Check for any loose or damaged electrical connections and repair or replace them as necessary.
  2. If the motor or actuator is faulty, have it inspected by a professional and consider replacing it if needed.


The Ford Explorer, known for its spacious interior and versatile seating options, has encountered several problems with its third-row seats. Issues range from difficulty folding and unfolding the seats to uncomfortable seating positions and rattling noises. Difficult access and malfunctioning power folding seats are also concerns for some owners. By addressing these issues and following the proposed solutions, Ford Explorer owners can potentially enhance the usability and comfort of their third-row seats.



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