How Many Seats In Audi Q8

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How Many Seats in the Audi Q8?

The Audi Q8 is a luxurious SUV that has gained popularity for its comfort, performance, and advanced features. One of the key factors that people consider when buying an SUV is the number of seats it offers. In this article, we will explore how many seats the Audi Q8 has and discuss the various features related to passenger accommodation.

Standard Seating Configuration

The Audi Q8 comes with a standard seating configuration of five seats. This configuration includes two front seats for the driver and a front passenger, as well as a three-passenger rear bench seat. The front seats are designed to provide maximum comfort and support during long journeys, with power-adjustable features and available heating, ventilation, and massage functions.

Additionally, the rear bench seat offers ample space for three passengers, with generous legroom and headroom. The seats are upholstered in premium materials, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable experience for all occupants.

Limited Seating Flexibility

While the standard configuration of the Audi Q8 seats five people, it does not offer a lot of seating flexibility. This means that if you need to accommodate more passengers or carry bulky items, you may face limitations. However, Audi provides some optional features that offer additional seating and cargo solutions, which we will discuss in the next section.

Optional Third-Row Seating

If you require additional seating capacity in your Audi Q8, a third-row seating option is available. This option increases the maximum occupancy from five to seven passengers. The third-row seat is a two-passenger bench that can be accessed by folding down the second-row seats and sliding them forward.

It’s important to note that the third-row seating option is available in select trims and may come at an additional cost. Additionally, the third-row seats are more suitable for children or smaller adults, as they offer less legroom and headroom compared to the other seating rows.

Cargo Space Compromises

While the third-row seating option provides additional passenger capacity, it compromises the cargo space in the Audi Q8. With the third-row seats in use, the available cargo space is significantly reduced. Therefore, if you often carry large items or need ample cargo space, it may be more practical to opt for the standard five-seater configuration.

Split-Folding Rear Seats

The Audi Q8 offers a split-folding rear seat feature, which allows for enhanced flexibility when it comes to accommodating passengers and cargo simultaneously. The rear seat can be split into 60/40 or 40/20/40 configurations, depending on the trim level and options chosen.

This means that you can fold down a portion of the rear seat while still having some passengers seated in the remaining section. This can be useful when you need to transport longer items, such as skis or surfboards, while still having enough seating capacity for other occupants.

Enhanced Cargo Versatility

By utilizing the split-folding rear seat feature, the Audi Q8 offers enhanced cargo versatility. As mentioned earlier, folding down a portion of the rear seat allows for longer items to be accommodated while still leaving space for passengers. Additionally, when both sections of the rear seat are folded down, the Audi Q8 provides a generous cargo area, suitable for carrying larger items.

Furthermore, the Audi Q8 is equipped with a power tailgate, making it easier to load and unload cargo. The hands-free power tailgate option allows you to open and close the tailgate with a simple foot gesture, adding convenience to your everyday life.


The Audi Q8 offers a standard seating configuration of five seats, with a spacious and comfortable interior for all occupants. However, if you need to accommodate more passengers, the optional third-row seating provides the ability to seat seven people. This option does compromise the cargo space, so it’s essential to consider your needs and preferences when choosing the seating configuration.

The split-folding rear seat feature enhances the Audi Q8’s versatility, allowing for a combination of passengers and cargo. With various seating and cargo arrangements available, you can adapt the Audi Q8 to suit your specific needs.

Ultimately, the seating capacity in the Audi Q8 provides flexibility and comfort, ensuring a pleasant driving experience for all passengers. Whether you opt for the standard five-seater configuration or choose the optional third-row seating, the Audi Q8 delivers on its promise of luxury, performance, and passenger accommodation.



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