How Many Seats In A Toyota Highlander

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How Many Seats in a Toyota Highlander


The Toyota Highlander is a midsize SUV that offers spacious seating for both passengers and cargo. It is popular among families and individuals who require a comfortable and versatile vehicle for daily commutes and long trips. In this article, we will explore the seating capacity of the Toyota Highlander and discuss its layout and features in detail.

Seating Capacity

The Toyota Highlander is available in both seven-seat and eight-seat configurations, depending on the trim level and optional extras chosen. Let’s take a closer look at each configuration:

Seven-seat configuration

  1. The basic configuration of the Toyota Highlander includes seating for seven passengers.
  2. It features a three-row layout with two front bucket seats, a second-row bench seat, and a third-row bench seat.
  3. The second-row bench seat can accommodate three passengers.
  4. For easy access to the third row, the second-row bench seat can slide and recline.
  5. The third-row bench seat is designed to accommodate two passengers.
  6. Though the third row is not as spacious as the second row, it offers enough headroom and legroom for adults on shorter trips.

Eight-seat configuration

  1. For those needing additional seating, the Toyota Highlander offers an eight-seat configuration on certain trim levels.
  2. This configuration adds a second-row bench seat in the middle, allowing the vehicle to accommodate eight passengers.
  3. The second-row bench seat can be split into two separate seats for added versatility in accommodating passengers and cargo simultaneously.
  4. While the eight-seat configuration reduces the space between the second and third rows, it still provides sufficient room for passengers in the third row.

Comfort and Amenities

The seating layout of the Toyota Highlander ensures that passengers, whether in the front, second, or third row, can enjoy a comfortable ride with ample headroom and legroom. Additionally, the vehicle offers various amenities and features to enhance the overall comfort and convenience, such as:

Heated and Ventilated Seats

Depending on the trim level and optional extras chosen, the Toyota Highlander may offer heated front seats, providing warmth during cold winter months. Additionally, some models also include ventilated front seats, which help keep the driver and passenger cool in hot weather.

Power-Adjustable Seats

Many Toyota Highlander models come with power-adjustable seats that allow the driver and front passenger to find their preferred seating position easily. Some models also offer power lumbar support to provide additional comfort during long drives.

Leather Upholstery

Higher trim levels of the Toyota Highlander may feature premium leather upholstery, adding a touch of luxury to the interior. Leather seats are not only visually appealing but also provide enhanced comfort and durability.

Third-row Access

Easy access to the third row is essential in a three-row SUV like the Toyota Highlander. To make it convenient for passengers to reach the back, the Highlander is equipped with a sliding second-row seat, allowing occupants to move it forward and create a wider opening to enter the third row.

Adjustable Air Vents

To ensure all passengers remain comfortable during the journey, the Toyota Highlander offers adjustable air vents for both the second and third rows. This feature allows passengers to control the airflow and temperature according to their preferences.

Cargo Space

In addition to its seating capacity, the Toyota Highlander also provides generous cargo space for luggage and other items. Here are some key points to note:

Behind the Third Row

  1. With all seats in their upright positions, the Toyota Highlander offers a respectable amount of space behind the third row for carrying groceries, sports equipment, or small suitcases.
  2. The exact cargo space may vary depending on the trim level and optional extras.
  3. A cargo area cover is included in some models to keep items hidden and protect them from sun damage.

Maximum Cargo Capacity

  1. If you need to transport larger items or have a significant amount of luggage, the Toyota Highlander provides the flexibility to fold down the rear seats.
  2. When both the second and third rows are folded down, the vehicle offers a substantial maximum cargo capacity.
  3. This feature allows for the transportation of bulkier items like furniture, bicycles, or camping gear with ease.

Overall, the Toyota Highlander’s seating capacity and cargo space make it an excellent choice for individuals and families seeking a versatile SUV that can accommodate both passengers and their belongings comfortably.


The Toyota Highlander offers seating capacity for either seven or eight passengers, depending on the configuration chosen. Its three-row layout ensures ample space and comfort for occupants, while the various amenities and features enhance the overall driving experience. Additionally, the Highlander provides generous cargo space, making it a practical choice for those needing to transport both passengers and cargo. Whether you opt for the seven-seat or eight-seat configuration, the Toyota Highlander guarantees a comfortable and enjoyable ride for all.



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