Subaru Forester Have Memory Seats

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Subaru Forester Has Memory Seats

The Subaru Forester is a popular compact SUV that offers various features to enhance the driving experience. One of these features is memory seats, which provide added convenience and comfort for both the driver and passengers. Memory seats allow individuals to save and recall their preferred seat settings with just a touch of a button, ensuring that each time they enter the vehicle, they can quickly and easily adjust their seat position.

Benefits of Memory Seats

Memory seats offer several advantages that make them a desirable feature in vehicles such as the Subaru Forester. Some of these benefits include:

1. Customizable Seat Position

With memory seats, drivers can easily adjust their seat to the optimal position that offers maximum comfort and support. They can customize the seat’s position in terms of height, tilt, and lumbar support to suit their individual preferences. This feature is particularly crucial for individuals who spend long hours behind the wheel, as it helps reduce fatigue and promotes better posture.

2. Easy and Quick Adjustment

Memory seats eliminate the need to manually readjust the seat each time a different driver enters the vehicle. With just a push of a button, the seat can automatically move to the preset position, saving time and effort. This feature is especially useful in households or businesses where multiple people frequently use the same vehicle, as it avoids the hassle of continually making adjustments.

3. Individualized Settings

Memory seats allow each driver to personalize their seat settings and store them in separate memory profiles. This means that when a driver enters the vehicle and selects their profile, the seat automatically adjusts to their preferred position. This individualized functionality ensures that each driver can enjoy their unique seating preferences without having to readjust the seat each time they get behind the wheel.

4. Enhanced Safety

By offering memory seat functionality, Subaru ensures that drivers can maintain proper driving position consistently. A well-adjusted seat allows for better visibility, access to controls, and an optimal driving posture, which can contribute to safer driving. Additionally, by reducing the need for manual seat adjustments, memory seats minimize distractions while driving, increasing overall safety on the road.

5. Comfort for Passengers

Memory seats are not limited to the driver’s seat; they can also include the passenger seats. This feature ensures that passengers can find their preferred seating position easily, promoting a more enjoyable and comfortable ride for everyone. Passengers can also save their settings individually, allowing each person to have a personalized seating experience.

How to Use Memory Seats

Operating memory seats in a Subaru Forester is a straightforward process. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use this feature:

1. Adjusting Seat Position

Start by manually adjusting the driver’s seat to the desired position, including the seat height, tilt, and lumbar support. Take note of the position and settings to be saved in the memory profile.

2. Saving the Settings

Locate the memory seat controls, which are typically located on the driver’s side door panel or the seat itself. Press and hold the desired memory button (usually labeled 1, 2, or 3) until a chime or light indicates that the settings have been saved.

3. Recalling the Settings

To recall the saved settings, simply press the corresponding memory button. The seat will automatically adjust to the saved position, providing the driver with their preferred seating arrangement.


Memory seats are a valuable feature in the Subaru Forester, offering customizable and convenient seat positioning for drivers and passengers. This feature allows for individualized seat settings, easy adjustment, and enhanced comfort and safety. By incorporating memory seats into their vehicles, Subaru demonstrates their commitment to providing a superior driving experience. So, if you prioritize comfort and convenience in a compact SUV, be sure to consider the Subaru Forester with its memory seat feature.



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